Important Updates

Congress Approves Sweeping Tax Overhaul

Click below to read about the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (H.R.1) : 

            Congress Approves Sweeping Tax Overhaul 2017

SmartVault Instructions

Your 2017 Tax Organizers have been uploaded to your SmartVault.  If you need a SmartVault  invitation, please contact our office. SmartVault is as easy as using email but is a more secure way to share documents.  If you haven’t already done so, please take a few minutes to activate your vault before the rush of tax season falls upon us.

Here are a few key points regarding your vault:

  • This 5 minute video tutorial is well worth the time.  It covers all the points listed below (and more). Client Portal Orientation
  • When you first log in to your account, you should see at least two vaults:
    • One vault with your name
    • One vault called “Public Documents” – these are available only to our client community.
  • If you click on the Public Documents vault, you will find forms and information that we wish to make available to all clients.  Here you will find the following:
    • Affordable Care Act Information Intake Form – print and complete for drop off or upload
    • Tax Return Drop-Off Checklist – print and complete for drop off or upload
    • AZ Tax Credits – information for anybody interested
  • To navigate back to where you came from, follow the blue text in the upper left corner of the screen, just below our logo.
  • If you click on the vault with your name, you will see folders for the tax years TY14, TY15, TY16 and TY17.
  • Click on “TY17” and you will see three folders:
    • Client Organizer – this folder contains your 2017 tax organizer.  Print and complete for drop off or upload.
    • Client Source Documents – this is the only folder where you can upload documents.  When you are in this folder, you should see a button at the top left of the screen to Upload Documents.  Use the browse button to find documents on your computer that you wish to upload, or drag and drop files into the “Upload Files” window.  You do not need to upload documents if you are mailing them or bringing them into our office.
    • Client Tax Return – this folder will contain a copy of your 2017 tax return when it is done.

Please feel free to contact us at 480-926-0672 with any questions you may have about this new portal.  We look forward to working with you this upcoming tax season.

Health Insurance Reporting

Please follow this link to view more information about the new health insurance reporting requirements related to the Affordable Care Act.

Health Insurance Reporting Requirement Changes

For further information please use the link below to research the Affordable Care Act in greater detail.

Links to Affordable Health Act Websites and Videos


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